The HopKins Black Box continues its Across Disciplines series with Transadaptation, a new work conceived by Ariel Gratch and co-directed by Gratch, Lyndsay Michalik, Sarah K. Jackson, and Benjamin Haas. The performance plays this Wednesday and Thursday, February 8 and 9, at 7:30 PM in the HBB, 137 Coates Hall.

An innovative performance that brings the work of five diverse scholars together with the work of four creative writers and four performance practitioners, Transadaptation pushes the boundaries of what we expect from academic work and highlights the possibilities of performance. The process began last fall when graduate students Katherine Renken (Coastal Geography), jenny hay (Cultural Geography), gENTRY hANKS (Cultural Geography), Kevin Casper (English), and Christopher Krejci (Theatre) all handed their academic projects over to four MFA writing students at LSU: Ben Pelhan, Jenny Lentz Brosseau, Becky Kaiser, and Adam Atkinson. The MFA students spent the fall adapting the academic works into poems and short stories. Those adaptations were then handed over to the four directors who have further adapted them to the stage.

The performance is set in an old country store that specializes in selling off old towns and memories.
Following the performance, invited scholars from across disciplines will offer their responses and lead a discussion with the audience.

Donations will be gratefully accepted at the door.  To reserve seats, contact the Department of Communication Studies at 578-4172.

Association of American Geographers

Annual Meeting, 2010 Washington, DC

Southwestern Division of the Association of American Geographers

Annual Meeting, 2010 Tahlequah, Oklahoma

American Anthropological Association

Poster Session Organizer 2010, New Orleans

Poster Abstract


Ida, Louisiana

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Grant

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