Mixed Methods approach to reddit data analysis

Visit my R notebook and GitHub repo on r/diabetes reddit data! R notebook: http://bit.ly/2nI79VL GitHub: http://bit.ly/2ngWlSR


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My upcoming presentation for the AAG in Boston on the Quantified Self: Hacking Hard, Fleshy Interfaces

Check out my presentation on methods in geography where I use R to analyze reddit data.

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Diabetes and the Quantified Self: Hacking Hard, Fleshy Interfaces

Presentation at the AAG, Boston
scheduled on Friday, 4/7/2017 at 17:20 PM.

Session Title: Mobile bodies, technologies and methods: critical perspectives

Paper Abstract:

The embodiment of surveillant technologies provides a means and site of production of data to be consumed by both the self and the medical gaze with physical and emotional consequences. Analyzing discourse on the subreddit r/diabetes, I examine assemblages of surveillant technologies that render an ever-increasing quantified self for those using insulin pumps and glucose monitors. Haraway (1990) brought cyborgs to the fore in the early 1990s and Lupton (2000) describes cyborgs “When hooked up to medical (and other) technologies, the patient’s body becomes a cyborg, a juncture of human flesh and machine” (p.56). Bodies are rendered regulatable through the use of embodied and disembodied technologies. People with any type of diabetes may be treated with insulin, which can be self-administered through multiple daily injections or through an insulin pump. Insulin pumps, as well as insulin, are proprietary. There is a growing do-it-yourself movement when it comes to hacking the cyborg self. Open source communities have made headway in generating new technology, reappropriating old devices or implementing everyday hacks of hardware and its fleshy interface (Forlano, 2016). Lupton (2016) describes these devices and data as intermingling within a data economy, which I argue in the case of diabetes are used in surveillance and the medical gaze. Devices used to manage diabetes quantify the self and datify the device user. These data as perceived by medical practitioners, family members, friends, strangers and last, but not least, the self can have significant effects on everyday life, socio-spatial relations and emotional health.

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Beyond the quantified self: the reflexive monitoring self

This Sociological Life

This piece is partly a response to a recent blog post by Mark Carrigan about the concept of the qualified self, and partly a section of the new book that I am working on about the sociology of self-tracking cultures.

As part of my research for the book I made a Google Trends graph comparing the major terms that are used to denote the practices of voluntarily monitoring aspects of the self: self-tracking, the quantified self, life logging and personal analytics. As the resultant graph demonstrates, it was not until mid-2007 that any of these terms began to show up in Google searches. Self-tracking led the way, followed by life logging, then personal analytics. The quantified self is the newest term. It began to appear in searches in January 2010 and rose quickly in popularity, beginning to overtake self-tracking by April 2012 (although just recently self-tracking has caught up again). The…

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BODY MAP COLLECTION: Emotional Landscapes of Diabetes

BODY MAP COLLECTION: Emotional Landscapes of Diabetes.

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Emotional Geographies of Diabetes

If you have diabetes and are interested in participating, please visit the BODY MAP COLLECTION tab for details.


“Body mapping is a technique that depicts the effects of a disease, profession or phenomenon on the human body. It is a visual methodology that can be undertaken individually or in groups. The process elicits pictorial representations of emotions, memories and identities, as well as the physical and psychological effects of an issue.”

(quote from) http://wecameback.org/introduction-body-map/

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AAG 2014

Tampa, Florida

April 8-12th 2014



AAG 2014 Program



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Transadaptation Videos from 2012

Transadaptation Part 1

Transadaptation Part 2

Transadaptation Part 3


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Emotional Geographies Conference July 1-3, 2013


I’ll be presenting July 2nd.

Click on document to see entire session.

session proposal formTemporalities I and II (final)

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Free Queen’s

Diabetes and Yoga: Gentry Hanks and Christine Grossutti 

March 20th 2013


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March 14, 2013 · 7:41 pm